Bin Laden contacts Obama through a third-party to arrange a phone conversation.Obama in respect for his muslim brother agrees to the arrangement and takes the call. Obama and Bin Laden discuss their hate for America and agree on a method of her demise.Bin Laden agrees to be caught and killed if his muslim brother in the White House sells out America.A plan for this sell out could be as simple as over extending America financially as well as military wise. The Obama administration will start many new wars with Islamic countries as well as other countries stretching our military thin and then cut funding for the wars while leaking top secrete information to the enemy so our military will be defenseless and defeated.Obama needs a second term to complete this and that is why Bin Laden sacrificed himself so Obama could do the job that Osama failed to do. Obama needs to be removed from office and put into Gitmo with the rest of the islamic terrorist.


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