Solyndra Bankruptcy Reeks of Chicago Corruption

Something really smells bad about this whole deal as well as many other decisions that Obama is making. One may wonder did all of this money really get spent or has it been laundered back into the Obama camp for his  2012 campaign in addition to paying off fellow supporters. One cannot dismiss the participation of the democrats and the DNC in this scam. It could be that  with  donors frustration with Obama and the Democrats that funds are scarce for the upcoming elections so the have resorted to stealing from the American tax payer to fund their re elections. The only other explanation is that decisions like these are part of a bigger picture in which Obama is chiseling away at the foundation of our financial system in order to bankrupt the nation changing the face of America to a poor socialist country or worse yet a total melt down killing us from with in. In either case we as a country are in extreme danger as long as Obama is in Office. Maybe both explanations are wrong and it is simply he is a dumb ass with no clue as are those who supported him. I wish it was that simple.


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One Response to “Solyndra Bankruptcy Reeks of Chicago Corruption”

  1. middleclassmessenge1 Says:

    As the investigation becomes more intense there is clearly tension in the White House making Obama’s guilt obvious. He is running scared while withholding information that would clearly prove this guilt. I smell impeachment!

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