Tax dollars fund this gut the American bill as this bill is nothing more than welfare wrapped in a flour tortilla and ment to take from citizens and give to foreigners that have broken the laws of this country. At tax time Californians need to write in conscious objector to the dream act and take a 25% deduction from their tax bill. Organize under a class action suite with a law firm demanding that the California government repeal this law and collect all funds dispersed as well as using the list for deportation of these illegals. Their assets also must be seized and sold to help reimburse the losses by citizen tax payers. In addition to this you need five thousand additional ICE agents operating in California and ten thousand more boots on the border being a combination of border patrol and national guard. We need a national guard presence on the streets of southern california as well so maybe another five thousand boots on the side walks of southern california. These measures as well as impeaching governor asshole Brown should get california well as the illegal alien population should decrease by five million in less than a year and a significant amount in the following years bringing health and prosperity back to the state as tax dollars will benefit citizens as opposed to bloodsuckers.


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