Sonoma county in northern California is one of the latest to join the sanctuary city movement. This movement or act of defiance of the constitution and laws of this nation and should not go unpunished. Harboring and abeding criminals is against all laws of this country state and federal illegal aliens are just that they are criminals as the have broken our laws . No group of political puppets can overlook or pardon this criminal act legally therefore I propose penalties to sanctuary cities for their actions. These cities and counties shall suffer economically as a consequence I propose that all federal funding is frozen and an economic embargo on these cities and counties is implemented.This bullshit needs to stop illegal is illegal no sympathy no sanctuary.


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  1. countryboy Says:

    Ah the wine country elite who cannot wipe their own asses without assistance and cannot stand the thought of losing their servants who’s healthcare ,education,food stamps ,etc is all placed on the back of government and the middleclass sucking down all tax dollars for those who are not even citizens . I suggest a flat tax above all other fees and taxes work comp etc. This tax would be 2x the illegals wage so if they were paid 20k per year the employer would pay 40k in taxes to offset the cost of all the free services that they take advantage of. Boycott Sonoma county.

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