Obama started the trend when he cheated democracy with a fraudulent election through the internet. His presidential campaign was funded by foreigners hostile to America with expectations of paybacks in the form of demise of the American way of life. Obama has kept up his part to date as this country has never sunk so low so fast as it has under Obama as his actions prove it intentional. Eric Holder has lied to us on fast and furious in an attempt to change gun laws  in this country by creating support for these changes with the death of those such as Brian Terry and others killed by Mexican drug cartel with guns supplied by ATTORNEY GENERAL HOLDER. The attorney general is killing Americans to further his own agenda as well as that of supreme court justice Kegan and the President the goal being a socialist dictatorship and eliminating all resistance. While this is going on they have their best buddy Jon Corzine stealing 1.2 billion from American investors how much of that money will wind up in the Obama bank account? This is just another knife in the back by this administration. Iran ,Russia and China are all extremely happy with Obama as is continues to give them our military technology such as most recently a drone that should have been destroyed but Obama chose not to.


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