A G HOLDER is fighting against the states that are imposing a law that one must prove they are a citizen by showing a photo ID. We must show photo ID when driving, using a credit card, cashing or writing a check as well as many other reasons yet A G Holder thinks it should not be necessary when voting? May I ask why and what logic? I think discrimination against minorities was mentioned which is so far from the truth that it is like a conspiracy. Being a citizen of this country gives you the right to vote and most citizens could not manage day to day life without a photo ID those who object to presenting a photo ID are either illegal aliens or criminals neither of these have the right to vote in America. Holder is objecting to this law for that reason in itself as criminals and illegals are a large faction of Obama supporters. These people elected Obama and they are needed for his re-election. Hence we have a government riddled with corruption starting with Obama down to simple city council members as Obama has set the tone that corruption is alive and well in the USA and democracy is on its death bed. If any serious investigations were done on Obama his election could be contested and his presidency terminated. No one had the guts to challenge him on this as fear they would be painted a racist for attacking the first black president. I have said it before and I will say it now his election was fraudulent and funded by foreign governments hostile to America. America cannot survive four more years of this corruption and attack on our democracy and we cannot have foreigners and bottom feeders electing a president of the USA.


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