This picture was one I used in a previous post in 2009 at that time I was discouraged with the election of this president who pulled the wool over the eyes of the majority of Americans. Most of America had little to no information on this man and with the roll of the dice took their chance as they hoped this African American man would be the Answer to America’s ill’s. It was not until the dust had settled from the election that many Americans started to realize they had been misled by this man and he was not who he said he was and had no intention of keeping his word on campaign statements.Most citizens now suffer from election remorse as they wish that we were looking at Mc Cain or Clinton in the White House rather than Obama. We have been lied to by this President on his citizenship, his education,his religion and his questionable affiliations with those who wish to bring harm to America and change the face of America from capitalism to socialism. This man refused to put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance nor would he put the American flag lapel pin on his jacket until his advisors suggested he do so. This president has had no real life job experience and his ignorance is apparent with his performance as President as he is clearly the worst president in the history of this country. This President has been reckless in his spending programs putting this nation into a financial crisis that is equal to that of the great depression he has given money unconditionally to labor unions and companies such as Solendra leaving the middle class tax payer on the hook for all of these poor decisions. We are so close to having more people living off tax payers than we have tax payers. This ratio should be a minimum three to one tax payer to tax liability anything less is a crisis and cannot sustain itself. The democrats solution has been to raise taxes create more business regulations and hire more government employees to enforce the regulations that kill business growth in this country and reduce net tax dollars as companies leave this country for greener pastures. It is this policy that makes democrats  popular with China as they have been the main beneficiary of the economic blunders of this party. We are still spending billions of dollars in foreign aid in which even countries that hate us are given money hell we even give China foreign aid money. Obama is requesting the debt ceiling again be raised so his pork projects can continue but he is going to off set this pork spending with five hundred billion in cuts to our military. Using cuts in pay to our men and women in the military our most patriotic citizens those who put their life on the line to keep America safe is about as UNPATRIOTIC as it gets.There is truly a problem when those who risk their lives protecting this country receive pay cuts while those who send them get pay raises as well waste millions in unnecessary travel and lavish life styles all at the tax payers expense and this president is one of the biggest abusers. The military is one of the only essential government agencies deserving of a raise in this world of uncertainty and the build up of foreign militaries hostile to America such as China ,Russia,North Korea and Iran this is no time  for cut backs to the military. There is still hope for America we are not dead yet but we are in the emergency room in critical condition and if Obama is the ER doctor for four more years we are dead. We must have a change in the White House as well as a change in policy and how we do business in America and I think Mitt Romney can provide this change.


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