In an unprecedented move of economic ignorance Obama rejected the XL pipeline project. As for the American economy stick a fork in it as it is done thanks to Obama the one hope for the American economy is gone as Canada is now looking to Asia who will welcome this project with open arms. One must again evaluate the motives of this President in which during an election year would make such a foolish decision even those with little to no education realized the importance of this project to all of America. This foolish move may create more unrest and discontent in America allowing this president to call for martial law which is the only means of  his remaining in power as he will surely not be reelected. What we as Americans have lost with this rejection is lower fuel prices, twenty thousand jobs plus the goods and sales in manufacturing , retail, restraints  ,hotels and rentals etc. This rejection will have the trickle down effect in which many other industries will suffer not to mention our continued dependence on the middle east which is threting our national security.  America as a country loses with this decision. Maybe this is the first step towards sharia law as we can see who Obama is beholden to.


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