America once known as the greatest nation on earth and one nation under god and a strong christian nation with english as the only langauge has now fallen to one divided nation with several different versions of religion  as well as multiple languages . President Obama an islamic sympathizer has stated we are no longer a christian nation and with that announcement and his radical socialist agenda our demise is apparent and certain. His process of bringing America down is a four step plan that has been implemented. We as a nation have been united as one which has been our strength but Obama has implemented financial crisis as his first step. Class warfare as his second step. Implementation of martial law power is his third step. Political unrest and Military uncertainty is his fourth and final step. We are about to see the implementation of the fourth step as the first three are in place. Obama’s plan did not fall into place at his assumed pace of three years so he needs to be re-elected for a smooth transformation to dictatorship.The only hope to stop our demise is to deny im his re-election which will be tough as he has the support of many middle eastern countries as well as terrorist nations that cannot wait to get the blood of America on their hands. The mayan prediction may come true in 2012 if Obama is re-elected but it will not be exactly as they predicted it will be in all out world war with nuclear bombs imploding us from within.


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  1. PATRIOT Says:

    It is unfortunate but we are experiencing a sickness in this country it is liberalism. Obama is god he will feed me clothe me if I chose to wear clothes and he will provide me with free money…screw the lottery we got Obama…he is going to screw the rich and the working people and give to the lazy people go big O you go bro …you are a certified dumb ass as is everyone that supports your terrorist agenda you socialist pigs…

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