Mitt Romney will win in November 2012 but Obama who is a self-proclaimed mesiah with a socialist agenda and the intent to destroy free America will not be willing to yield power to a Republican successor. This will result in Obama declaring marshal law and imposing a dictatorship sending the country into turmoil. We know the black panthers will stand with Obama but who will the military stand with? During this state of turmoil and indecision America will be vulnerable to attacks from those who hate us adding to the kaos.We as Americans must stand together and resist the big brother take over by the Obama administration.


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  1. venita Says:

    Slavery was the excuse of the Civil War but truthfully it was the fear that White people had of an over populated growth of Black people in such a short time growing, and this is the same fear you are having today, but with an even more increase of fears with the over population growth of people of color. “We as Americans must stand together and resist the big brother take over by the Obama administration.” Well here’s some news you should start preparing for “We are the Americans that will stand together but will resist your fears and hatred acts to take over and cause an unnecessary modern day civil war”. You don’t know shit about the black panthers and who they will stand with but I can assure you that the military will stand with the Chief Commander.

    • middleclassmessenge1 Says:

      You could not be farther from the truth if I were concerned about the growth of a certin race of people it would not be black people as they have nothing on the mexicans but this is not what the post is about. It is the fact that Obama is dividing us as one reguardless of race and making this a race issue. Obama hates whites, asians and others. I do know about the black panthers they are a bunch of spineless raciest cowards that pick on white senior citizens they avoid conflict with anyone that would present a challange and they are always in hiding. If you read the military press Obama is the worst president ever and I believe that they will not stand with him as he is not reconized as comander and cheif but an idiot that was put into office through a fradulant election funded by foreign governments hell he is not even a citizen of this country. My next post wild times ahead will reflect others thoughts on this issue.

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