Just as a deer in the woods has the  ability to sense danger such as a mountain lion or a deer hunter I as well as many Americans feel this sense of danger with the Obama administration. It is a feeling that comes when one is in tune with their surroundings and knows they are in harm’s way. You get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach and you are scared as hell. This administration is transforming this country into a socialist country with heavy dependency on government and government intrusion in day-to-day life. This administrations backroom deals with Russia and China are of great concern to anyone paying attention. The door to freedom is about to be slammed shut and the greatest nation on earth brought to her knees by a simple man born in Kenya who posed as a citizen of the USA and promised hope and change. He did not specify what change or who the hopeful would be. We have seen his change and  have lost hope the little hope we have left is that he is not re-elected.


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