The supreme court was established as an independent nonpartisan body to make or uphold law in the USA. On this 4th of July know to us as independence day we must really question do we really have the independence we once had and the freedom that was guaranteed to us by our constitution. President Obama’s policies ignore the rights given to us by our constitution as this President considers himself wiser than all and one who is supreme so supreme that the supreme court shall keep their decisions consistent with his policies even when they are unlawful and against the will of the people and a violation of the constitution. The supreme court is now a group of puppets dancing to the desires of Obama and the democratic party pushing this nation into a socialist dictatorship. Justice Roberts was the  one Justice that has made this all possible for Obama with his fear to go against the Obama administration in the Obama care ruling. He basically went outside of the box to justify this act and even interpreted the unwritten to make it appear consitutional while disregard for that which was not consitutional. In addition to this Justice Roberts went against the very constitution he was appointed to uphold even after being consulted by those who were defending the rights of the people.When the American people know they are being screwed and voice this and the supreme court decides this screwing is just it is no longer the supreme court it is  an extension of  the Obama administration and the democrats.


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