The weak job’s report spells trouble for the economy and the Obama re-election as Obama’s big government policies and over regulation continue to strangle economic growth. Excessive taxing and spending by this administration continue to create uncertainty with in the private sector something a socialist cannot grasp. It is really simple government does not creat jobs the private sector must create the job’s to support the government jobs if you create government jobs prior to private sector jobs you will kill the growth with tax burdens. Private sector jobs and government must stay proportional my estimate would  4 to 1 ratio private sector to government sector jobs currently we are at a 1 to 1 ratio or 1.5 to 1 but either way it is devastating and unfortunately policy among democrats. Obama and the democrats have failed in economics and with that failure everything else is pointless. If America really desires change and jobs they must make a change in the current Administration this would mean voting independent or Republican but not Democrat. Socialism is not working.


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