13 Facts of Obama’s Failed Presidency on youtube


It amazes me when one reviews all the facts of this failed President that we have so many citizens with false perceptions of his success. It goes to prove the blind party patriotism theory that no matter how bad your candidate sucks he is still the best choice merely because he is member of a political party. Voters with this low IQ and poor philosophy only harm America. I for one am tired of these ignorant asses screwing up our country with incompetent candidates such as Obama. If Obama is re-elected this democracy is over and socialist rule will prevail until the country collapses in on itself which will happen quickly.This will have a ripple effect on the rest of the world leading to all out war as the only stable nation falls because of stupid people electing a stupid President Obama. Obama does not deserve a second term and should be tried on treason and betrayal as well as using false identity and social security number.


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