How does the government raise taxes without a tax increase? Take lessons from those who do it best like President Obama, Governor Jerry Brown, senators Reid,Pelosi and Boxer. What they do is pass regulation that restricts business and creates shortages as well as increasing cost of production inflating the cost of the goods. Everything from light bulbs to cars and gasoline to solar power all inflated most of the time with the excuse of going green . Picture this a pack of light bulbs that cost 1.99 go up to 3.99 due to Government regulation the result of this is a 100% tax increase yet alone making the price of the product outrageous. Do you really think Obama is going to reduce the price of gasoline with the taxes he is raking in on this product? These taxes allow him to hire more government employees which help his jobs numbers and give America a false sense of recovery when we are really being hosed.


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