As America looks on in horror as our Ambassador to Libya is murdered we are told by this administration it is the fault of America as one of our citizens made an offensive video ? Even so the making of a video does not justify the killing of someone unrelated or related to its production as we are a nation of free speech  and one of tolerance. Yet the producer of this video has no been arrested on some BS charge is this really free speech or big brother censorship? The Obama administration was quick to announce this attack was not planned and act of a few unorganized protesters even though the occurence was on 9-11 and the killers had sophisticated weapons and the administration was warned of the dangers here and failed to respond to the needs of the Ambassador. This failure to act is an act of treason and murder by both Hillary Clinton and President Obama.  The American people were lied to by Obama and staff in order not to jeopardize his campaign so he choose his self over the truth and the life of a fellow American . This was a known act of terrorism by this administration yet they publicly lied and tried to hide it from the American people. I hope you had a good time at you fund-raiser in Las Vegas Mr Obama while Mr Stephens lay dead at the hands of terrorist we certainly would not want the death of Americans to be an inconvenience to you or staff and you have made it clear it is not what a true patriot you are….not. It has been said that the very people we are fighting are those contributing to the re-election of Obama as he cares more about their cause than ours. The killing of Americans is just a bump in the road to Obama.


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  1. karen Says:

    There are just too many outpoints regarding Obama. He came out of nowhere and then yesterday I read all his history and links with Socialists, funded by enemies of the USA. They need to get out of America!!! This is NOT a land for Socialists, it is a land of free enterprise, hard work equals good pay individuals.

    This last incident with Obama not attending intelligence briefings before 9/11 and fundraising in Las Vegas while Sec of State OK’s a non armed BRITISH firm to provide security for the US Ambassador to Libya!!!!!

    Where do you F—– Obamas get off? Stop partying, and world shopping trips and get involved in WORKING for your pay!

    Atone Ambassador Stevens death! Get out of the White House, Muslim socialist imposters, you do not belong there. You have a fake SSN. Get Out!

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