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November 29, 2012

Obama fearing the worst in the outcome of his Presidency if the Benghazi coverup gains momentum has made a circus act out of the fiscal cliff in order to keep Benghazi out of the headlines. This President is more devious than anyone could ever imagine and he stands before us with no shame after killing innocent Americans. When the leader of this country treats the death’s of his fellow citizen’s as though they were disposable his character and commitment to country is seriously flawed.



November 28, 2012

A must must must read.

This is from an unknown Marine on Facebook & a must read Iyou have not =
read this you have not read the ultimate definition of what just =

Paul wrote: “Last week, America died. Our once great country that had =
endured for 236 years as we know it is over. I have to admit, I thought =
for sure that people had woken up.
I honestly didn’t think that there could still be that many stupid =

I have already posted what you were voting for a few days ago. The fact =
that Ostupid won, says all I need to know about our new America.

Last night America voted for a man who has FAILED HORRIBLY at everything =
the last four years over a man who has had ENORMOUS SUCCESS in =
everything he has done in his life.

Last night America voted for a man that has made EVERY aspect of the =
economy WORSE over a man who has a PROVEN record of succeeding.

Last week America voted for a man that let four Americans be MURDERED =
and did nothing!

Last week America voted for a man who has for the last four years =
ridiculed, insulted, bashed, name called, almost every single group of =

Last week America voted for a man that ended this campaign by calling to =
vote for “REVENGE” over a man that ended his campaign by calling to vote =

Last week America voted for a man who has 7 endorsements from military =
Generals and Admirals over a man who had 500 endorsements from military =
Generals and admirals.

Last week America voted for a man who had only 20 some% of military =
support over a man who had the support of 70 some% of military support.

Last week America voted NOT to vote for a man who was a bishop in his =
church, who donated millions to charity, who worked 28 years of his life =
for FREE/TAKING NO SALARY, and who promised to work the next four years =

Last week Americans voted for lazy over hard work,
Lying over honesty,
Greed over charity,
Negativity over positivity,
Hate over love,
Communism/socialism over capitalism

They also voted for less jobs,
Less income,
More poverty,
More government, which means less freedom, (how any sane human could =
vote for less freedom I can’t even fathom)
Higher unemployment,
Higher taxes,
More spending,
More debt
,Etc…I could go on and on.

I’m dumbfounded and shocked. We voted to keep driving with a flat tire =
for four more years over getting a new tire.

What country am I living in?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but for the first time in my life, I AM =
SHAMED of my country and countrymen. I can’t believe I wasted 14 years =
of my life serving my country defending this.

As of today, I no longer care. I hate to say this too, but I hope this =
country FAILS…the President already has. I hope businesses start =
firing people, start boarding up, and closing down. I hope unemployment =
SKYROCKETS, taxes SKYROCKET (which is without a doubt coming now), the =
stock market crashes, the dollar collapses, we go over the fiscal cliff, =
gas prices go up even more, food prices go up even more, and our country =
ends. I know this sounds harsh, and there are still many millions of =
pro-America good people out there. But, after last night, we deserve to =
be punished HARD.

To my children…I’m sorry America screwed you last night. I’m sorry we =
won’t be able to give you the enjoyment of the freedoms that others have =
enjoyed for so long. Sorry for the first time in history, we’ll be =
handing off to you a worse country than we received. Sorry you have to =
see that those great traits that once made America great…traits such =
as honor, integrity, honesty, hard work, perseverance, charity, love of =
country, justice, judgment, intelligence, unselfishness, courage, =
morals, and ethics…mean nothing and are just words.

As for those that voted for Odumma. Eff you. In my book you’re traitors. =
I have NO desire to be friends, or even associated, with anyone of such =
low character, quality, and intelligence. Sorry, if that offends you our =
sounds harsh, but got to be honest and “be me.” As they say, it’s better =
to be hated for who you are, than loved for who you’re not.”

I’ll post what you all dumb-asses just voted for one more time

Under Obama

Unemployment up under Obama
Black unemployment up under Obama
Women unemployment up under Obama
Youth unemployment up under Obama
Gas prices up under Obama
Food prices up under Obama
Health insurance premiums up under Obama
National debt WAY UP under Obama
Most spending of any President in history
Spent more than all Presidents in US history=E2=80=A6from George =
Washington to George Bush combined
Highest yearly deficit in US history
First trillion dollar yearly deficit in US history
Four years in a row of trillion dollar yearly deficits
Highest monthly deficit in US history
Highest food stamp enrollment in US history
In 2010 the highest poverty rate in US history
The other years highest poverty rate in 40 years
Highest number of people in anti-poverty programs in US history
Highest number of people on disability in US history
Highest number of people dependant on government in US history
Average household income has dropped all four years Obama has been =
Lowest average household income since 1995
Americans have lost 40% of their wealth since Obama has been President
No budget passed in his entire term/in four years/since he has been =
Most regulations in over a decade
First downgrade in our credit rating in US history
US global competitiveness ranking has dropped all four years under =
Obama/every year he has been President
US economic freedom ranking had dropped from top 10 to number 18 under =
Obama=E2=80=A6lowest in history
First President to tell a private company where they could relocate to =
or what state they could do business in
Top deadliest year in Afghanistan under Obama
Top four deadliest years in Afghanistan under Obama
Army officers saying Army heading in right direction lowest in US =
First administration in history to be charged with civil & criminal =
contempt of court
First President to appoint self-avowed communist to their administration
Highest number of attempted terrorists attacks in US history
Energy policy (or lack of energy policy)
Foreign policy
First US ambassador killed since the 1970=E2=80=99s
Fast and Furious scandal
Solyndra and all the other green energy companies=E2=80=99 scandals
Benghazi scandal
Hasn=E2=80=99t been to Israel in his entire term/in four years/since he =
has been President
Lt. Col. Lakin (let Army officer go to prison)
First President to sue his country (4 states) (at least I think the =
First President to ignore federal law and tell his Attorney General to =
ignore federal law/ignore the constitution”

Please pass on to those who are ready to make a difference for our =


November 28, 2012

I voted for Mitt and got my sticker to prove it. I knew we were screwed when my neighbors Jose and jamal both had ten stickers each.


November 27, 2012

HYPOTHETICALLY This is how a current phone conversation between Obama and Morsi would transpire after the Morsi power grab. Obama to Morsi what are you thinking I told you to wait until I have completed my power grab so I put any American protesters into submission. Morsi to Obama I have learned from you my muslim brother we must act fast to enslave these christians and jews and kill all who defy us as we and Alaha will prevail.Obama yes my friend victory is ours I did not realize how nieave Americans are as they have made this so simple. Mitt Romney is the only one who realized something was a foul in the election the rest of America rolled over and went to sleep.


November 19, 2012

An American icon company Hostess is the latest victim of the greedy labor unions.The bakers union refusing to negotiate in an economy that is weak at best put eighteen thousand five hundred people out of work and an American icon company out of business all in the name of greed. We see the same greed putting the rights of teachers over the rights of students. We really must question the goals of these unions and are they really serving the best interest of all?


November 18, 2012

DAVID PETRAEUS’S testimony confirmed what we already all knew.The Obama administration has lied to America about the attacks in Benghazi as it’s relation to the video. The video had nothing to do with the attacks it was a preplanned Al Qaeda terrorist attack and it was reported this way by David Petraeus but his report was altered by the White House and staff to deceive the American people and not jeopardize the Obama re-election efforts which is apparently more important than the life of innocent Americans as determined by the American voters (democrats)as it was obvious prior to the election a cover up was in the works.It is sickening when one put’s it into perspective Nixon was impeached for bugging a phone Clinton brought up for impeachment for getting a blow job but Obama after contributing to the death of four innocent Americans is re-elected and anyone who questions this is a racist bigot? One must wonder what is the real story or circumstances are did Obama have another deal with Al Qaeda that if they gave him Bin Laden he would repay the debt with the life of an American official? This coverup runs deep well beyond what anyone could imagine and it is truly a tragedy. While Obama and fellow democrats sweep this murder under the rug while enjoying their thanksgiving holiday friends and family are mourning the loss of loved ones that should have never been allowed to perish.


November 14, 2012

America is at an ever important crossroad in which a decision must be made. The philosophy of United we stand divided we fall may no longer be valid as we find ourselves under one flag and one President yet split on our values and direction with no common ground. The red states and the blue states must separate from one country to two countries similar to the two parties Republican and Democrats in effort to avoid civil unrest and war with in which will result in total abolishment of the USA. Obama has accomplished what the enemies of this country have attempted for years he has created the perfect storm for a abolishment of capitalism,the greatest military on earth and the free world which many feel is his goal. He can now be dictator of the blue states and have complete rule in which he can implement his policies of liberalism and entitlements with a touch of socialism. The red states should keep the constitution and the American flag as Obama and the blue states do not care about these anyway.Obama would like to do away with most of the military so the red states will take over this and we will not have a repeat of Benghazi. The clear difference is the blue states will be like Greece is now and the red states will be like the United States under Ronald Regan. We are already divided so let’s make it official as I see no reason to compromise with anyone who shares the views of Obama.


November 11, 2012

veterans across America are now questioning their service as their commander and chief has stated the following. No one asked these men to join they should pay their own health care. In addition to this the President broke the military code of ethics he sat on his hands and refused to assist Americans in distress in Benghazi ignoring their pleas for help he let them be murdered while he and staff watched their demise. No military personnel should be comfortable with this nor should any American as this act of betrayal is an impeachable offense.


November 8, 2012

OBAMAI was at a loss for words as the results came in and sickness and glum sunk in as the realization of the mistake the American electorate had made. Here are the issues at hand fifty-nine percent of the American electorate felt the economy was the most important issue and we are six weeks away from going over the financial cliff.This economy is in the tank because of Obama and yet he is re-elect what the hell were you thinking America ? Obama was proficient in getting in getting the unions to vote for him as well all others who live off the tax dollar both of these a burden on the economy. The majority of the minority population also voted for Obama and the only reason can be the guarantee of food stamps as we know he is not a job creater so I must say the best days of America are behind us as our work ethics have been lost to our desire for government dependency. racism comes into play here as minorities are voting for a minority simply because he is a minority despite the fact that he is incompetent this philosophy is choosing welfare over work.If you think your life sucks ow wait another six months as your food stamps become a food stamp you were selfish and small in your decision to vote as you did and the results will bite you in the ass as this ship may sink. Obama killed four credible Americans in Benghazi and threw Hillary Clinton under the bus for this murder do you really think he cares about your sorry asses? Obama is the anti christ and you dumb asses are the sacrificial lambs as he attempts to bring America down so the islamic extremist can take over and he will assume the role Osama Bin laden once held but in a much larger capacity he just needed Bin Laden out of the way.Best of luck to you will need it…


November 3, 2012

Picture this Obama on the phone to the head of acorn which is an Obama organization instructing them to vote in multiple states mostly swing states but concentrate on Ohio and vote in several different districts in Ohio.In addition to these instructions acorn is also schooled with how to accomplish this and contacts at the voting booths to make it all go smoothly. This is how Obama took the 2008 presidential election and this is how he will win in 2012 with voter fraud he can do it. Is this good for America and should we not correct this crime against democracy.