OBAMAI was at a loss for words as the results came in and sickness and glum sunk in as the realization of the mistake the American electorate had made. Here are the issues at hand fifty-nine percent of the American electorate felt the economy was the most important issue and we are six weeks away from going over the financial cliff.This economy is in the tank because of Obama and yet he is re-elect what the hell were you thinking America ? Obama was proficient in getting in getting the unions to vote for him as well all others who live off the tax dollar both of these a burden on the economy. The majority of the minority population also voted for Obama and the only reason can be the guarantee of food stamps as we know he is not a job creater so I must say the best days of America are behind us as our work ethics have been lost to our desire for government dependency. racism comes into play here as minorities are voting for a minority simply because he is a minority despite the fact that he is incompetent this philosophy is choosing welfare over work.If you think your life sucks ow wait another six months as your food stamps become a food stamp you were selfish and small in your decision to vote as you did and the results will bite you in the ass as this ship may sink. Obama killed four credible Americans in Benghazi and threw Hillary Clinton under the bus for this murder do you really think he cares about your sorry asses? Obama is the anti christ and you dumb asses are the sacrificial lambs as he attempts to bring America down so the islamic extremist can take over and he will assume the role Osama Bin laden once held but in a much larger capacity he just needed Bin Laden out of the way.Best of luck to you will need it…


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