America is at an ever important crossroad in which a decision must be made. The philosophy of United we stand divided we fall may no longer be valid as we find ourselves under one flag and one President yet split on our values and direction with no common ground. The red states and the blue states must separate from one country to two countries similar to the two parties Republican and Democrats in effort to avoid civil unrest and war with in which will result in total abolishment of the USA. Obama has accomplished what the enemies of this country have attempted for years he has created the perfect storm for a abolishment of capitalism,the greatest military on earth and the free world which many feel is his goal. He can now be dictator of the blue states and have complete rule in which he can implement his policies of liberalism and entitlements with a touch of socialism. The red states should keep the constitution and the American flag as Obama and the blue states do not care about these anyway.Obama would like to do away with most of the military so the red states will take over this and we will not have a repeat of Benghazi. The clear difference is the blue states will be like Greece is now and the red states will be like the United States under Ronald Regan. We are already divided so let’s make it official as I see no reason to compromise with anyone who shares the views of Obama.


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