DAVID PETRAEUS’S testimony confirmed what we already all knew.The Obama administration has lied to America about the attacks in Benghazi as it’s relation to the video. The video had nothing to do with the attacks it was a preplanned Al Qaeda terrorist attack and it was reported this way by David Petraeus but his report was altered by the White House and staff to deceive the American people and not jeopardize the Obama re-election efforts which is apparently more important than the life of innocent Americans as determined by the American voters (democrats)as it was obvious prior to the election a cover up was in the works.It is sickening when one put’s it into perspective Nixon was impeached for bugging a phone Clinton brought up for impeachment for getting a blow job but Obama after contributing to the death of four innocent Americans is re-elected and anyone who questions this is a racist bigot? One must wonder what is the real story or circumstances are did Obama have another deal with Al Qaeda that if they gave him Bin Laden he would repay the debt with the life of an American official? This coverup runs deep well beyond what anyone could imagine and it is truly a tragedy. While Obama and fellow democrats sweep this murder under the rug while enjoying their thanksgiving holiday friends and family are mourning the loss of loved ones that should have never been allowed to perish.


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