This administration has failed to stimulate the economy or create jobs so the only option of this administration is to go over the fiscal cliff creating revenue through tax increases. This will kill the already weakened private sector but will be a stimulus of public service and government jobs which are all tax based and a burden to an already over taxed economy. These type of jobs bury the private industry,the tax payer and reduce the standard of living of the private sector work force . The military will be reduced to a New York city police force ( Obama hate’s the military ) so we lose our military and national security in addition we destroy capitalism and free enterprise but we create numerous pork barrel government and public service jobs .In addition to creating these jobs the president is on a mission to reduce the work force as this will help his presidency he has put our service men and women in harm’s way by not properly deploying enough military in the current conflicts. He has overseen the murder of Americans in fast and furious as well as Benghazi . When Obama care kicks in and the government get’s involved in health care we will see an increase in the American mortality rate this will also reduce the population in a sick way.( Sounds like Hitler) Americas workforce, private industry and educated will make a mass exodus from this country paving the way for a socialist dictatorship. Obama will be surrounded by uneducated public service workers a less intimidating situation as he no longer needs to lie about having an education as his actions clearly prove he does not. America is about to pay the piper and all of you stupid asses that voted for this idiot are about to receive what you deserve. Hope you enjoy your pathetic situation. The link below is further evidence of the grave situation in the American economy today and how Obama has failed.



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