The Benghazi coverup continues to elude proper prosecution as Obama created a circus act out of the fiscal cliff in order to distract attention from the heat of Benghazi as clear evidence of crimes committed come forth. A key player in this coverup Hillary Clinton has managed to avoid testimony with fabricated excuses like the flu and a blood clot and soon to come I assure you will be memory loss how convenient. Watergate pales to this crime and yet Watergate got far more coverage even though no one died? This Benghazi coverup is such blatant bullshit Obama & Clinton ARE GUILTY OF MURDER IN BENGHAZI. It is time to put blind party patriotism aside good people were killed by elected officials who made poor decisions and we need truth and accountability from those responsible Clinton and Obama. If we do not hold those responsible accountable those who died died in vain and their blood is on our hands. If we do not hold those responsible accountable what is next? Who is the next victim ? Maybe someone in your family or even you as their reach is currently unlimited. It’s a new year America let’s stop putting up with the same old shit right or wrong we must get out of the vegetative state and do something.


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