If the office of the President of the United State of America is one of the most distinguished in the world why is it occupied by one of the most incompetent men on the planet ? This really degrades the legitimacy of the office and the intelligence of the American voter if voter fraud is not a factor. I can give you three reasons why this ignorant arrogant ass of a man should be impeached from office so we the citizens can save face. #1 the rate of increase spending and national debt….absurd #2 Benghazi never before has a President of the United States turned his back on his citizens while watching their struggle to survive on the big screen and refusing them assistance needed for their survival. #3 The clear disregard of the U.S. constitution by abuse of executive orders like gun control,immigration etc. Including the clear demonstration of the inability to unify and lead while giving false information about one’s self such as citizenship,education and qualifications. I am so disappointed in my fellow countrymen for such a disastrous blunder that I want to puke and move out of the country as never before have I been so ashamed of my country.Do we really have the majority of American voters drowning in stupidity and incompetence as organizations like Acorn run ramped destroying democracy. I long for a President with class and I miss Ronald REAGAN.


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