As America pay’s respect to past President’s many of them great leaders like Washington,Lincoln and Reagan. We then look at our current leaders like Obama and wonder where did all the good leaders go ? It would appear it is all down hill from here as Obama transforms America from an economic power to a welfare state with its population dependent on government entitlements like a crack head depends on crack.America has always stood strong and endured under the leadership of great President’s like Reagan. Nothing good can come from a leader who serves as an example when he is proven to be lazy,uneducated, a liar who associates with criminals,terrorist and socialist. He has no job experience and sucked as a senator and he lied about his citizenship. He has killed American citizens in Benghazi and funded Acorns efforts to corrupt democracy while spitting in the face of our military and America accepts this. America you have never been at a lower point since the birth of this country and you may not recover if you allow this President to serve out his term.


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