If I were president America would be first and foremost. I would start on day one reviewing all foreign aid. Why are we giving tax payer dollars in foreign aid to countries all over the world many countries that receive this aid are hostile and support terrorist that hate America. If we are struggling to keep our own financial house in order why are we giving away money in foreign aid? Why are we selling guns,tanks and planes to hostile countries? Illegal immigration is simple if you are here illegally you have broken the law and must be deported no exceptions. We do not make exceptions for citizens that break the law like drunk drivers, poachers or theft so why would we make exceptions for foreigners who break our laws by coming here illegally and stealing benefits that they do not deserve at the tax payers expense. America has contributed to this invasion as the U.S. Mexican border should have been secured over twenty-five years ago. The current administration would rather consider what get’s vote as opposed to what is best for America that is why he is going to allow illegals to become citizens, go to the front of the line and be rewarded for their crimes. It is pretty much open bribery and deceit and clearly a failure in our democracy. If I were President I would put the interest of Americans first what a concept what a change.


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