Many American service men and women have lost their lives defending the freedom of we the people of the United States. Those servicemen and women who did not lose their life but came home wounded and possibly disabled from loss of limb or other disability possibly mental or stress. These servicemen and women should be our number one priority yet they are often lost in the system and denied basic essential services. The lack of respect and concern for the health and future of or servicemen and women by this administration is disgraceful. The irony of this is our government appears to be more concerned with justice for illegal aliens over justice for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Can this be just that our government want,s amnesty for those who broke our laws while those who defended these very laws go without ? I guess when the President of the United States kills his own as Obama did in Benghazi with no consequences the old saying the fox is in the hen-house rings true. Although Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the USA and was elected president with the assistance of acorn and voter fraud this matter has not inspired a revolt which means the backbone of America has weakened and our best days are behind us.


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