BRIAN TERRY was murdered in fast and furious while serving his country. Ambassador Stephens and other Americans were killed in Benghazi while serving their country. Obama and Holder have down played the significance of these crisis and have showed little to no effort or concern in resolving them. Travon Martin a young man who unfortunately lost his life while high on marijuana in a struggle with a fellow American has taken priority for Obama and Holder even though a jury has decided the case… why? Is it because Brian Terry and Ambassador Stephens are not Black? Is it not politically correct to show concern for these white crackers ?I know Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton showed no remorse for their loss in fact I do not know of one case in where they showed remorse for the loss of a white? Is racism now a black only issue? It is sad to look back on the ethics of our founding fathers only to see how far we have fallen in the quality of leadership.Fifteen years ago these two could not qualify for security in Wal-Mart now they are guiding the Nation? How much longer must we tolerate this bullshit? The U.S. justice system takes care of domestic problems and you are to take care of international problems. Maybe the U.S. justice system should have the right to question you on your lack of resolve.


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