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New post EXPOSED: Muslim Recruiting Station and Mosque on Lackland Air Force Base, TX and All New AF Recruits Forced to Attend

August 30, 2013

Miley Cyrus jumps into the slut arena

August 28, 2013


August 26, 2013


Racism is alive and well in America.Two white men have been killed by black men and no mention of the hate crimes by Obama ? Obama made the Trayvon Martian case all about race when there was no real proof. Obama claims to be America’s first black President which is false he is Mulatto yet he only claims to be black. Why? racism. MLK would be ashamed of Obama.


August 16, 2013

Hey dumb ass while you are clowning around on the golf course we still do not have answers on Fast and Furious, Benghazi (is that blood on your hands ?) and the economy is in peril with another torpedo on the way called Obama care. Now you are going on a middle class bus tour really? You are a leach living the life of the rich and famous from day one. You have never worked an honest day in your life and your term in the White house has been executive welfare. You are shameful and clearly the worst leader in the history of the country and POSSIBLY THE WORLD.


August 14, 2013

“If we want to keep our nation’s secrets a ‘SECRET’, then we should store them where President Obama stores his college transcripts and his birth certificate.”

Gov. Mike Huckabee


August 13, 2013

After a hard week of golfing in Martha’s vineyard and spending millions of tax payer dollars on an unearned vacation President Obama is going to go on a middleclass bus tour. Never in the history of this country has there ever been a more ignorant arrogant bastard that served as President.

This is the Face of Islam They Don’t Want You to See

August 4, 2013

One school of thought of why muslim men beat their wives is that they are humilated due to their sexual disfunction and desire to be with another man. They blame these thoughts on their wives and beat them as a result.

sharia unveiled

Face of Islam 1

Nasreen Sharif is completely blind. She is from the small village of Shakna Ganeshpur in Punjab. At 15 she was attacked after rejecting a marriage proposal from a much older man.  Photo by: Paula Bronstein / Courtesy of: The Global Post 


Too Blind to See

by, J. Schuyler Montague


With wounds too deep

too deep to heal

flesh that’s burnt

skin that’s peeled


With eyes too blind

too blind to see

oceans blue

dark destiny


With a broken heart

deep down inside

her misery

she cannot hide


For all her tears

left uncried

they could not flow

even if she tried


No more painted sunsets

no skies of blue

not a sunrise

nor a morning dew


The only visions 

she’ll ever see

are in her dreams

and memories


This is the Islam.. they don’t want you to see.




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Egyptian Cleric Teaches European Muslim Men “How to Beat Your Wife” (Video)

August 4, 2013

sharia unveiled

Egyptian Cleric Mahmoud Al-Denawy

Here are a couple articles from Germany in which Muslim women express their greatest fear and concern.  That being, the beatings they receive from their husbands:


Islam’s love for women…

Muslim Woman Beaten 1


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Muslims Earn Sweden the Title of “Rape Capital of the World”

August 4, 2013

sharia unveiled

Muslim Rape

– Muslims make up 6% of Sweden’s Population  

– Why then are 77% percent of the Rapes Committed by Muslims?

What country has the highest number of rapes in the world?

After thinking over the question for five minutes, you might come up with South Africa or some other third world country as your answer. However, the real answer might shock you.

The title sadly goes to Sweden, which now sees one out of every four Swedish women being the victim of rape.

Is this the result of the rapid influx of Muslim immigrants who continue to form a larger percentage of the Swedish population?

From the Counter Jihad Report:

1 in 4 Swedish Women Will Be Raped as Sexual Assaults Increase 500%

Sweden Rape
With Muslims represented in as many as 77 percent of the rape cases and a major increase in rape cases paralleling a major increase in Muslim immigration…

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Obama Tells Senior UN Official “The United States Will be a Muslim Country by 2016”

August 4, 2013

sharia unveiled

Islam in America 1


by, Victor Mordechai | Israel Today

At a meeting of the David Allen Lewis “Eschatology Club” a year ago in Springfield, Missouri, where I was the featured speaker, I was told by the organizers that in the previous monthly meeting, Pastor Don Jones made a disturbing statement about President Barack Obama’s plan to Islamicize America.

Jones went to one of his orphanages in Haiti after the massive earthquake there and met with a senior UN official, who said Obama had told him that the US would be a Muslim country by 2016, or by the end of his second term in office.

While that may seem far-fetched, it is not beyond the realm of possibility. First, Obama’s biological father was a Muslim—which makes the President a Muslim. His stepfather was an Indonesian Muslim who raised Obama as a Muslim in a mosque and madrassa (Islamic religious school) in Indonesia…

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