This is the Face of Islam They Don’t Want You to See

One school of thought of why muslim men beat their wives is that they are humilated due to their sexual disfunction and desire to be with another man. They blame these thoughts on their wives and beat them as a result.

sharia unveiled

Face of Islam 1

Nasreen Sharif is completely blind. She is from the small village of Shakna Ganeshpur in Punjab. At 15 she was attacked after rejecting a marriage proposal from a much older man.  Photo by: Paula Bronstein / Courtesy of: The Global Post 


Too Blind to See

by, J. Schuyler Montague


With wounds too deep

too deep to heal

flesh that’s burnt

skin that’s peeled


With eyes too blind

too blind to see

oceans blue

dark destiny


With a broken heart

deep down inside

her misery

she cannot hide


For all her tears

left uncried

they could not flow

even if she tried


No more painted sunsets

no skies of blue

not a sunrise

nor a morning dew


The only visions 

she’ll ever see

are in her dreams

and memories


This is the Islam.. they don’t want you to see.




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