I am a hard-working American citizen who loves this country. I was so proud of this country and our progress during the Reagan Presidency it was a great time to be an American ! When the elder Bush was elected I felt we would continue down the same path of prosperity yet something changed and he seemed to fall asleep at the wheel. There was an arrogance about him and when he went back on his word and raised taxes I could no longer support him so I voted for Perot. We made a statement by voting for Perot but it delivered Clinton to the White House which turned the White House into a Whore House. Next we get baby Bush who seemed to be ok with allowing the democrats to go on an uncontrolled spending spree as long as he could bomb anyone he wanted to. Now we have Obama a former community organizer with little to no actual experience in the private sector. His experience is in public assistance getting goods and services for people at the expense of the tax payers. His campaign was assisted by Acorn know for voter fraud and other crimes . Obama criticized baby Bush for the increase of the national debt he called it unpatriotic yet he himself has added more debt than any other President in the history of the country and is demanding the right to add more. He want’s a blank check with no questions asked ? Who’s money is it his or our’s ? Why can’t we vote on this? The real concern is now the perfect storm as we now have a growing population of people who have been raised on government assistance as the policies of our government have caused an exodus of manufacturing jobs which actually pay a living wage. These people depend on the government to support them and the Politicians such as Obama are dependent on these people to elect them so in short votes are being bought with tax payer dollars. As the numbers of these government dependent people grow taxes must be raised on those who work as well as business increasing the burden on both business and the working class. We now have a large section of the population that is apathetic unskilled and lazy. One solution is to bring business back to the states and reduce the tax burdens on both business and the working class. The problem is if we go too long with people dependent on the government we will never get them off the couch to come to work nor will they have the necessary skills. We clearly have a problem in this country when the American electorate votes for government assistance over private sector jobs as seen in the last Presidential election. We clearly have a problem in this country when a president is too busy to protect the citizens of this country as we seen in Benghazi. Americans died and Obama has their blood on his hands yet he is re-elected? We clearly have a problem when we have spent all the money we borrowed from China and now we need more even though we know we cannot repay the debt? We know we have a problem when our own government supplies weapons to kill our own such as in fast and furious. We know we have a problem we offer benefits to non citizens funded with tax payer dollars for those who have never paid taxes. What we have in America is refered to in economics as diminishing returns do not try to explain this to Obama he has no knowledge in economics or basic leadership. We know we have a problem in this country when veterans cannot visit a WWII memorial yet United States senators (Pelosi) support and allow a protest for illegal aliens on the capital mall. We know we have a problem we the DOD refuses to pay death benefits for or fallen to punish or create hardship so the selfish needs of an immature President can be met so he has his way. This was unacceptable and should be a punishable and impeachable offense. Bottom line is we reap what we sow and that is apathy.


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