Two great men and two tragedies yet we have dissimilar reactions. Paul Walker a great Actor who entertained many with his role in fast and furious died in an auto accident. Paul had a huge turnout for his memorial thank you Paul for you contributions to the entertainment industry. Brian Terry died defending the Southern Border in of the United States so those such as Paul Walker had freedom to act. So we the people have the freedom to elect Obama’s as well as freedom in general. Brian Terry died in the line of duty defending us as a result of betrayal of his own government who supplied the arms to the very enemy who killed him yet his death is nothing more than an inconvenience to the Obama administration. It is disturbing to me that the death of such a man as well as the truth to how it happened is swept under the rug to protect the guilty when those responsible are in Washington DC. Brian Terry is dead as a result of directives given by Eric Holder with the approval of Obama yet his death and memorial are low-key ? We have a case of murder where the government has killed one of us and we all turn our heads and walk away with no demand of accountability. This behavior is sequential to the demise of our democracy as the government by the people for the people becomes government of the people by government. Thank you Brian Terry for giving your life to defend our freedom so Eric Holder & Obama can hold office even though the very ones you were protecting actually got you killed with unethical actions. I as one feel I must apologize to the family of Brian Terry as I with my fellow Americans fail to respond to act’s of treason by our government. The same apology hold’s true for Benghazi. We as people have become complacent .


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