My prediction is Obama’s divorce by 2017. Michelle Obama needed Barack only to further her socialist agenda. Barack needed Michelle to get him signed off as a black man as he was born from a Arab father and a white mother raised by white people and preferred white women. Barack is happy if he is given stature while playing golf and getting laid. If Michelle was not present at Mandela’s funeral we probably would still be looking for him in the Danish prime minister’s bedroom. Michelle’s presence was the only factor that prevented intercourse between the two leaders. Bill Clinton was always seeking the company of other women although this is sleazy it appeared it is the only sanity Bill could find in his marriage. It is said Hillary is a lesbian and Bill had no other mean’s of meeting his needs while Barack now suffers from the same dilemma. If Barack was to hookup with the Danish prime minister and dump Michelle he would possibly learn to be a kinder man with more common sense as Michelle is a mean wicked woman who hates America. The only intelligent statement I have ever heard from Michelle was in the 2008 campaign when she made the statement about Hillary if you cannot keep order in your own house how can you keep order in the white house ? Karma is a bitch Michelle as Barack has his eyes on others ! It is no wonder why these two have separate vacations or spend limited time with each other as it is a business relationship.


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