Obama and crew are going after the citizens of America and the constitution of this country like hyena’s after a baby zebra. When you watch this video many will get a sickening feeling this is the same feeling I get everyday under this dictatorship. We Americans are being separated and attacked by the Obama Administration  in the same manner that the hyena hunts and kills their prey. We are being lied to and our youth are being brainwashed by the educational system which is filled with mindless followers seeking wealth without working for it. Our military is being dismantled  while people like Ambassador Stephens are murdered under the watch of the Obama administration. Obama and crew are shredding the constitution similar to the way the hyenas’ shred the baby zebra. http://www.arkive.org/lion/panthera-leo/video-11a.html We the people must be the lion and stop the political hyena’s!


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