Look who’s new in the White House!


The                                             question is, “What can we do                                             about it?”


Look who’s                                             new in the White House!

Arif Alikhan –                                             Assistant Secretary for                                             Policy Development

for                                             the U.S. Department of                                             Homeland Security

Mohammed Elibiary –                                             Homeland Security Adviser

Rashad Hussain – Special                                             Envoy to the

of the Islamic Conference

Salam al-Marayati – Obama                                             Adviser and

founder of                                             the Muslim Public Affairs                                             Council

and is its                                             current executive director

Imam Mohamed                                                 Magid – Obama’s                                             Sharia Czar from

the                                             Islamic Society of North                                             America

Eboo Patel –                                             Advisory Council on                                             Faith-Based


This is                                             flat-out scary!!!


The foxes are
now officially living in the                                             hen house…


Do                                             you feel OK with this???

How                                             can this happen, and when                                             will we wake up???

We                                             are quiet while our Country                                             is being drastically                                             changed!!!

If                                             you’re not CONCERNED, DELETE                                             this.
Go to bed tonight…sleep                                             well!

pass it on—get the word                                             out! 

We                                             MUST have some relief                                             starting with the 2014                                             Elections!


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