When one absorbs this you then realize the purpose behind the current events taking place .The NSA is locating resistance in order to pin point attacks in this country on those who will resist the Chinese takeover. The attempt to do away with the first amendment is necessary to weaken the resistance.  The  relaxing of the immigration policy is to dilute loyalty to a nation and addict the population to entitlements and government dependency undermining the capitalist doctrine. Obama really has no real love for  America being the son of a communist and born in Kenya while his American mother and grandparents were anti establishment socialist. The climate for treason is alive and well in the White House.  It is gut wrenching when a majority of the American electorate is found in favor of a candidate based on his skin color as opposed to his qualifications. It is also gut wrenching to know that the American voting system is flawed and voter fraud is ramped in the system allowing this tragedy to occur maybe China had a role in the elections?  It is sad to see the work of so many good men destroyed by one socialist idiot who is seeking to revenge his looser parents at the expense of the greatest nation on earth and the liberal left has aided his agenda with no clue of the results their actions will bring. It is not the deceit of Obama that is the threat to America it is the stupidity of those who fail to realize his true intentions.


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