Dear President Obama

As I look at  my local community  I have never seen the degree of poverty and despair as we are now experiencing. There are fifty percent more people on food stamps nationally not sure how many of that is due to illegal aliens but the situation is not good. The world has never been in greater need of a strong American Military a strong American economy as well as a strong decisive American President. America has never been as vulnerable as we are now due to sequestration our military is in decline. Due to this decline you see bold actions by terrorist countries such as Iran and Russia as well as terrorist groups such as ISIS.Millions of  people will die due to the lack of leadership in America while world poverty increases due to your economic ignorance . Your legacy is as follows ,the first  American Arab president as well as the worst or most unsuccessful President in the history of this country.Never in the history of this country has a President created greater economic,military and moral decline. Your lack of conviction to American values coupled with a hatred for what this country stands for has made you as dangerous to America as the terrorist who hate us.


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