This Labor day let us ponder a few facts. We Americans are working harder for less as the economy continues to deteriorate under the choke hold of regulations initiated by Obama and democrats. Many of us are forgoing vacations as we struggle to make ends meet yet are elected officials in the house and senate as well as the President are taking lavish vacations at the tax payers expense. Many feel these officials are underworked and over paid and are guilty of  the biggest abuse of tax dollars in terms of their salaries as well as the perks and back room deals made with lobbyist. corruption in the house has and senate as well as the White House is now reached the same degree as that of the Mexican Government. While we were working the month of August our elected officials went on vacation as did the president.While our elected officials were on vacation the economy continued to suffer as did the middle class American,several Americans continue to be held hostage by terrorist ISIS continued to spread terror and beheaded an American journalist all of which did not interfere with the vacations of our elected officials although it was stated the presidents vacation was interrupted to make a brief statement before returning to the golf course .The president took another moment from the golf course to announce that he does not have a strategy to deal with ISIS which is no surprise to most of us as a  strategy will not come on the golf course and the main reason this president has never had a strategy on anything.


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