Barack Obama Lazy Salute at Marines Obama disrespects his troops with half @$$ Salute.

This country has never experienced anything more devastating than the Obama Presidency as America and the world suffers from his incompetence. Obama a community organizer who relied on his wife to support him while  he questioned his worthiness .Obama never made household decisions or for that matter any decisions they were all made by his wife the alpha personality within the home. Now this president suddenly feels empowered SO HE IS COCKY,ARROGANT AND INCOMPENTENT. Now America is in harms way because this man is feeding his ego while making decisions that are based on the upcoming elections as opposed to those decisions that will keep America and the world safe. If Obama would have made the proper decisions on ISIL and Syria three years ago all of this turmoil could have been avoided and a couple of Americans would possibly still have their heads  . Mitt Romney called it Obama denied it and now it is all happening just as Romney said it would. How could America be so dumb? As Forest Gump said stupid is as stupid does and America is stupid for electing stupid for president. It is now suspected that Obama will turn his back on the Ukraine when Russia invades as well turning his back on Israel while Iran develops nuclear bombs all in trade for our actions in Syria. It is all about politics and egos not what is best for America .  When terrorist  attacked America they hit buildings during the day when they were fully occupied the fact that Obama is bombing empty buildings at night shows he is sympathizing with the terrorist while going through the motions of acting like he is combating them it is parley political.


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