Hillary is not dumb or is she. She has violated the law surprise surprise a veteran of deceit get’s caught on something so basic. If the investigation is able to retrieve emails we may discover the truth about Benghazi and discover that the President himself has a private email account that may also shed some light on fast and furious as well as Benghazi and the IRS scandal Possibly even private communications with Muslim terrorist etc. We have a huge problem in this country and it starts  in Washington DC as deceitful politicians continue to  sell out  America for a buck while the president is selling us out for ISLAM. The Clinton foundation is so corrupt it could be considered treason yet the Clinton’s do as the Clinton’s want as does Obama regardless of the law or constitution all at the expense of America. How is it that they proclaim themselves advocates of the middle class yet they do more harm than good. How is it that any middle class American would go to jail for the same acts that these people have committed yet they are above the law? What is this new America that there is no consequences for politicians that lie and deceive the American people while murdering the citizens of this country for political gain and religious persecution.


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  1. robert Says:

    The middle class messenger is 100% correct. Our country is run by corrupt politicians and it is wide spread. That needs to STOP. We need to JAIL the guilty and get these people OUT OF GOVERNMENT.

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