ISIS Threatens to Behead the Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty Beheaded 1 (resized)

sharia unveiled

Statue of Liberty Beheaded 1 (resized)

Photo courtesy of: The Clarion Project

Islamic State Twitter accounts shared the menacing photograph, while another prominent Jihadist threatened an immininent attack on UK.

by, The Clarion Project

The Islamic State threatened to behead America’s Statue of Liberty in New York City. Jihadists published a picture of the headless statue holding the ISIS black flag on Twitter on Sunday.

Written beneath the picture were the words “soon the state of the Islamic Caliphate.”

In the picture you can see the iconic skyline of NYC burning.

Twitter users responded sarcastically to the picture. One of them said “ISIS should get the Oscar for sarcasm.”

Britain has also received threats of another attack. Abdullah Elmir, known as ‘the Ginger Jihadi’ became a poster boy for the Islamic State when he moved there from Sydney Australia. He spoke to The Mail on Sunday announcing that he has ‘connections’ to the UK…

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