As the syrian crises continues and refugees flee the country ISIS is embedding radical islamic terrorist within the refugees. It is sad that it is only president Obama that is in denial of this fact. The Obama press conference in Turkey was a total disgrace for Americans as it became apparent  that this president is clueless. All refugees from the middle east should be sent to GITMO and returned to their country when the war is over. ISIS referred to as the JV team has turned Obama into a JV president. President Obama’s foreign policy will result in terrorist attacks in America as well as the death of American’s as President Obama delivers the ISIS trojan horse to the door step of America. It is the responsibility of this president to protect and serve America yet his policies will result in the death of many innocent Americans . Why do we as Americans tolerate this incompetence in this president? Are we giving him a pass because he is black and we do not want any racial tension? When his failed foreign policy results in a terrorist attack on America the terrorist will not consider race when the kill Americans. Americans of all race will be killed so it’s time to pull the Presidents race card away from him and tell him do the job or get the hell out of the way.


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