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The Republican Puppets Cry Like Babies

May 9, 2016


Jeb is that you or Mitt?

Republicans are at a crossroad as the GOP establishment or those who are oldĀ ,tired and stale are seeking to defy the will of the people. The people have rejected Jeb Bush and other cronies in the Republican party disrupting the status quo. The Republican party is on the verge of collapse if the up and coming do not reject the will of the old establishment. Trump is the nominee get beyound yourselves and the small box you live in and accept it.As far as those of you Like the Bushe’s, Romney & Mc Cain who are not attending the Republican convention because of Trump why don’t you cry babies take it one step further and join the liberals who are leaving the country. We have no place for lily livered cowards who cannot accept rejection to their loser ideology as the rule of the old party or establishment is over it is time for real change not a bunch of cronies and hollow words. It is Mccain & Romney that hurt America by giving us Obama through an extremely weak campaigns. It is time for the losers to take a back seat and watch a winner. If you cannot do this maybe you should create a third party called old losers or as previously stated get the HELL OUT OF THE COUNTRY. This goes for you as well Paul Ryan you doubling talkingĀ puppet of the establishment.