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October 29, 2016

Arlin Report

Hillary Clinton Damn Huma, I thought you deleted all that!

It just never ends, one thing after another…..and where there is smoke there is fire.  Sometimes the Clinton’s blow the embers out with all the corruption they surround themselves; like a wind that constantly spreads.   The sparks move somewhere else, and another fire burns, sometimes infernos.   Can this fire get doused out?

Democrats, the DNC and Hillary are asking that Comey release what the FBI has.   Wow, give them what they ask for; be careful what you ask for!       I haven’t even stated directly what I am speaking of here, without saying it, you know!   The FBI re-opening the email investigation.

Some people are asking/demanding that Comey resign.   Of course they are, so Obama can replace him with someone that will put the fire out……by letting it burn, leave it all alone.  You can…

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October 29, 2016

It appears the FBI is trying to redeem themselves after the horrible decision made in July not to prosecute Hillary for the crimes she committed.The Clinton campaign is in disarray and it is only a matter of days until Kaine is asked to take the seat of the democrats nominee for President as Clinton is toast.


October 29, 2016




October 27, 2016

Megyn Kelly has clearly shown she is biased and hostile towards Donald Trump and possibly better suited for CNN or MSNBC as she is clearly in love with the Clinton’s. Megyn was out of line when calling Trump a sexual predator as she herself has a few skeletons in her closet. It was not clear of  what her motive was in her interview with Newt Gingrich but she clearly lost the respect of main stream America and appeared to be some what bimbo . We all know the pot should not call the kettle black. If you watch fox news why the Kelly file comes on boycott her and change the channel it will be the same as taking out the trash.th5wr1vga8

Small Businesses Want TRUMP For President

October 26, 2016


October 25, 2016

GoodFirstStepToFixAmericaI have always been a proud American and red white & blue forever but one cannot help to be discouraged as well as disappointed in one’s fellow Americans as we watch support for Hillary grow. Hillary is not the agent of change and has presided over the demise of American influence in the world as well as the death of innocent Americans in Benghazi with no explanation. Hillary could be tried on several charges like collusion ,treason dereliction of duty and pay for play. Hillary is both a polished politician as well as a criminal and yet she is seeking the office of president rather than a defense attorney WOW. What is even more disheartening is that the majority of the electorate appears to be stupid enough to vote for her but one must not put a lot of faith in the polls as the media is for Clinton and they will deceive you in order  to influence the outcome . Insanity in America is running rampant and could be a sign of a bigger problem for the future of this country as our moral standards waiver. Hillary Clinton is blaming Russia for the wikileaks stating that Russia is undermining our elections and trying to sway the vote to elect Trump . These emails are not being denied by Clinton these are actual statements from her and her staff that contradict many of her positions that she projects in her speeches . I personally appreciate this information as we the people have been lied too by Hillary and she is standing before America and speaking out of both sides of her mouth. It is Insane that any fellow American that loves this country would vote for someone who is responsible for the murder of fellow Americans and also continually lies to the American people while avoiding prosecution.When you own the FBI anything is possible even screwing over the American electorate WITH A FRAUDULENT ELECTION .  A vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein is equal to a for for Clinton and the status quo. Help defeat political corruption VOTE TRUMP.


October 23, 2016

Allegations of sexual misconduct against Trump are a clear fraudulent blitz by the Clinton campaign. If these were valid claims they should have been brought up when they occurred and in court. It is highly suspicious they come up in the time of an election in which Trumps opponent Clinton is struggling to justify her election. I smell another pay for play deal by the Clintons smear Trump and get$$$. We as a people are smart enough not to swallow this BS.





October 19, 2016

It is clear Megyn  Kelly dislikes Trump her underlying hostility is apparent and one that raises concern . If she took the same stance against Clinton it may be considered fair and balanced but she is soft on Hillary and hard on Trump so is fox news fair and balanced ? I say no when it comes to Megyn Kelly she obviously has an axe to grind and is upset that Trump does not Kneel at her feet.


October 19, 2016

Here is another prospective on the current presidential election.Political polls are a snap shot in time and can be manipulated by the pollster as to who ,where and when they poll. By doing so they can control the outcome of the poll and post results that are false in order to influence the election. Currently the pollsters are working for the DNC and the media in an effort to destroy the Trump campaign. These people have an agenda and it is not one that is in the best interest of this country and our democracy regardless of your political party or economic status . The democrats have approximately four million dead people registered and voting as well as millions of illegals to boot.The poor Republicans are still living in the days of honest Abe and they have no clue they are being duped . We can be sure this practice was the path to Obama’s victory and may have actually started with Bill Clinton but we as Americans have a oath to uphold democracy which requires us to fight this corruption and the rigging of our elections. Those of you who think you are not voting for Trump because he is not worthy of this office are mistaken and you are the cowards and the cancer of this country as well as the reason this country will fail. Our only last hope to restoring democracy is to over throw the establishment of both parties and start fresh with a none political outsider who is only seeking to save this great country as opposed to Clinton who would use the position of the office of president as a bargaining chip  for personal gain$$$.WAKE UP AMERICA.animatedflag1



October 19, 2016