It is sad to see how low are political and judicial system has stooped. Democracy in America is now at risk as we the people witness a sweetheart deal between Hillary Clinton and FBI director Comey. It is disturbing to see how much corruption is now controlling our political system it is as if we the people no longer have a voice or choice in who should run this country. It was meant to be a government by the people for the people yet when you review Obama’s record and Clinton’s record as well as the Clinton foundation it is alarming when one realizes what is taking place. It is sad that so many are naive to this abolishment of their rights and freedom for a more dictatorial type of government.  It is almost a comparison to such irrational behavior  as a drug addict choosing drugs over food. This country is in trouble and we are about to be screwed for the last time as a Clinton Presidency will make us the most corrupt  country on the planet and will result in the demise of our democracy. We have a lot of good smart people in this country but with the open border policies and the brain washing of our youth by the educational institutes as well as the Obama administrations ability to import millions of refugees who are dependent on the government for their existence the smart people are out numbered by the dumb. The Obama administration has also allowed the collapse of the American manufacturing industry which has wiped out most of the middle class and created millions of unemployed who are dependent on the government. This is a back door method to buying votes and the democrats have mastered it. It is pretty simple in 30 days we choose life or death Trump representing life Clinton representing death. Nothing  Trump has said is as horrible as what Clinton did to Americans in Benghazi she committed the ultimate sin in turning her back on brothers in harms way and this can never be forgiven. Nothing Trump has said is as vulgar  as the crimes committed by the Clintons. In closing their is only one clear choice  if you love America and that is Trump. He is far from a Reagan but he is much better  than Clinton scum.



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