The liberal media and democrats have teamed up to spew hatred & lies in an effort to undermine this president and our democracy.It is as though they are the atheist who are more interested in seeking revenge for the presidential loss of Hillary Clinton who is as unholy as the devil himself. It is sad to see CNN  news reporter Jennifer Griffin support acts of terror and beheadings of Americans as if she herself was a member of ISIS. I am so disappointed in my fellow Americans who call themselves democrats and have resorted to a new low in American politics as it currently stands we as a country would be better off without the democratic party who is on the verge of imploding. Donald Trump is a fellow American and he won the election because the failed policies of Obama  as well the democratic party. Bottom line Clinton and the democrats suck so get over it and make the changes necessary to serve the middle class or continue to serve special interest and become irrelevant.


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