The citizens of this country elected Trump because they are sick & tired of big government and the policies of the Obama administration. If the people wanted more of the same they would have elected Hillary. Trump and Republican candidates ran on repealing and replacing Obama care and yet when the opportunity is before them they choke. The Republican party has talked tough but is really becoming a party in disarray much like the Democrats it is if they do not know what or how to deal with their new power. They squabble like a group of junior high girls arguing over who is going to the dance and what they will wear. It is almost as if the Republican party is more concerned with their own interest such as their government pay check and benefits as opposed to risking anything to advance the country. The Republican party is now the party dependent on entitlements for personal gain and have sold out The President as Well as America. I am so ashamed of this party and the incompetent behavior they have displayed. Don’t get me wrong Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are a bunch of lame ass do nothing scoundrels who who would allow the Mexican flag to fly over the White House for the right amount of money. The democrats continued embargo on Trump and his polices have only been strengthened by the inability of the Republican party to get their shit together and do what the people elected them to do. If this country is going to grow strong again the Republican party must unit and follow their leader President Trump and undo all of the Obama policies that have compromised our economy and national security. It is time for Republicans to get over themselves and repeal & replace Obama care, pass tax reform & rebuild our military. If you fail you will not be given a second chance. Hope you are listening Rand Paul & Ted Cruz  figure it out and get it done.


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