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December 29, 2017

China has shown their true colors while being caught supporting NKO & their terrorist agenda by selling oil to NKO. The Trump administration cannot let this act GO UNPUNISHED. This is a defining moment in the Trump presidency as his predecessor Obama was nothing more than China & Russia’s bitch they owned him and America knew it.




December 28, 2017

The evidence is overwhelming that the Muller Investigation is a partisan witch hunt as the scandle within the FBI thickens. President Trump is being investigated for the collusion with Russians to get elected president.Picture this, Hillary Clinton took money from foreign governments while secretary of state ie the Clinton Foundation.This money was quid pro quo yet no investigation? Hillary Clinton brokered the uranium one deal which embolden our enemies and put the country in harms way by giving our enemies the potential to manufacture nuclear weapons and still no investigation. Hillary Clinton & Barack Hussein Obama lied to America about why and how Americans were killed in Benghazi as well as the fact that they denied these Americans any support or assistance while they were fighting for there lives in a situation in which both were informed could happen prior to the incident yet calls for help went unanswered. An investigation for show only was done and no justice was reached basically an act of treason was committed . Barack Hussein Obama Allowed hezbollah to sell drugs into the United States to fund terrorism and gave the Iranians an exorbanate amount of money which fueled their spreading of terror and development of Nuclear weapons and still no investigation yet Trump is having a major investigation for something that has no credience .Justice for all no more it appears the democrats are no the privileged elite who can do no wrong and are above the law. It appears that corruption in our government has now spilled into the judicial branch of government and we the people can trust no one especially those who have been tainted by Obama & Clinton. We the people can only hope President Trump cleans up the Obama Clinton corruption & collusion as this is the real crime that is the elephant in the room.

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December 13, 2017

Steve Bannon Nancy & Chuck thank you for your efforts in dismantling the Republican party. I hope you pull your head out soon and make better choices.



Jeff Sessions appears to be incompetent and spineless

December 6, 2017

Why is Jeff sessions holding back on any investigations into the Clinton foundation as well as Hillarys deleting of email approximately 30k ,Benghazi & uranium one. These are all crimes much more serious then what General Flynn is being harassed over. Why would Jeff Sessions also allow the Robert Muller circus to continue as this is clearly a partisan witch hunt.


December 4, 2017

The demise of California is inevitable as the following points are reviewed. The tax base is in decline as business exits California due to over regulation and tax burdens. California has raised the minimum wage that will be 15.00 per hour by 2023 if the economy is not in decline but here is the question business can not leave the state fast enough as regulation strangles progress. Taxes due to this exodus continue to increase the most recent is the gas tax which just reduced the standard of living for both low and middle income families by raising the cost of commuting to work as well as the food we eat and clothes we wear as anything that must be transported just went up. California is know a sanctuary city which allows the harboring of illegal aliens & criminals and gives a free pass to those who murder our citizens as experienced in the Kate Steinle case.The demise of California is inevitable unless things change quickly but it is highly unlikely as too many policies of degradation are already in place. California,s policies have put the rest of the nation at risk.


December 3, 2017

The City of San Francisco should be held liable for the death of Kate Steinle. The City and it,s elected officials have broken federal law with their sanctuary and they should be held accountable for their part in this act of murder. No amount of money can replace the loss of Kate but if the federal government would do it’s job and enforce the laws already in place it would prevent future losses of our citizens by the criminal element that sanctuary cities harbor. The federal government needs to implement fines to cities who break the law as well as fines and jail sentences to all public officials who do not abide by federal immigration law. Jerry Brown and the state of California should be put on notice and if they continue with the sanctuary state policy it should be considered and act of treason and  ALL FEDERAL FUNDING CUT. California is becoming the gateway for drugs,thugs,sex trafficking,felons and terrorist to enter this country.We as a nation are only as strong as our weakest state and California is pretty damn weak in fact if Jerry Brown had his way he would turn the whole state over to Mexico but since he cannot he is letting Mexico just take it by illegal immigration. The only thing we can do as the average citizen is vote and boycott cities and states that promote sanctuary for illegal aliens.