This site is about taking the control of our destinies and our lives by returning our Government to one of for the people by the people as opposed to a socialist agenda that treats us as though we are farm animals awaiting our fate from a corrupt government.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Brenda Painter Says:

    Hello All Americans we can not allow OBAMA and all his Administration to continue to destroy our America -Don’t understand how Corrupt Obama got elected-Well- I did not vote for this horrible man-He could not lead me anywhere because I saw thru his HOPE AND CHANGE GARBAGE-Our country is more didvided because of his Talking points. Please My fellow Americans throw him out-Eric Holder should be Impeached and Jailed but somehow all these crooks get away with being Corrupt as hell- Love this video

  2. John Matar Says:

    It’s all rigged…left and right side. I believe in power returning to the people but we let this go on for too long. “MiddleClass Messanger”, I would like to speak with you from time to time before this all unfolds and the people are in desperate need of help. Spread the message and stay safe, stay vigilant and stay with the truth.

  3. William Says:

    Politicians have messed up this planet. They are all imbeciles. They have bollocks for brains. They go from one mess to the next. They never learn from their mistakes.

  4. William Says:

    Politicians are a joke. All hot air. The biggest joke of all is the united nation orginisation. Consists of dim witted members who are the largest group of nonunited nations on the planet.

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