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March 6, 2015

Barack Obama appears to be a tormented man filled with resentment, anger, and disdain for anyone of an opinion or view other than his. He acts in the most hateful, spiteful, malevolent, vindictive ways in order to manipulate and maintain power and control over others. Perhaps, because, as a child, he grew up harboring an abiding bitterness toward the U.S. That was instilled in him by his family and mentors…it seems to have never left him.

It is not the color of his skin that is a problem in America.

Rather it is the blackness that fills his soul and the hollowness in his heart where there should be abiding pride and love for this country.

Think: Have we ever heard Obama speak lovingly of the U.S. Or its people, with deep appreciation and genuine respect for our history, our customs, our sufferings and our blessings? Has he ever revealed that, like most patriotic Americans, he gets “goose bumps” when a band plays “The Star Spangled Banner,” (no he gets goose bumps when he hears the ”Muslim call to prayer” (his words) or sheds a tear when he hears a beautiful rendition of ” America the Beautiful?” Does his heart burst with pride when millions of American flags wave on a National holiday – or someone plays “taps” on a trumpet? Has he ever shared the admiration of the military, as we as lovers of those who keep us free, feel when soldiers march by? It is doubtful because Obama did not grow up sharing our experiences or our values. He did not sit at the knee of a Grandfather or Uncle who showed us his medals and told us about the bravery of his fellow troops as they tramped through foreign lands to keep us free. He didn’t have grandparents who told stories of suffering and then coming to America, penniless, and the opportunities they had for building a business and life for their children.


Away from this country as a young child, Obama didn’t delight in being part of America and its greatness. He wasn’t singing our patriotic songs in kindergarten, or standing on the roadside for a holiday parade and eating a hot dog, or lighting sparklers around a campfire on July 4th as fireworks exploded over head, or placing flags on the grave sites of fallen and beloved American heroes.

Rather he was separated from all of these experiences and doesn’t really understand us and what it means to be an American. He is void of the basic emotions that most feel regarding this country and insensitive to the instinctive pride we have in our national heritage. His opinions were formed by those who either envied us or wanted him to devalue the United States and the traditions and patriotism that unites us.

He has never given a speech that is filled with calm, reassuring, complimentary, heartfelt statements about all the people in the U.S. Or one that inspires us to be better and grateful and proud that in a short time our country became a leader, and a protector of many. Quite the contrary, his speeches always degenerate into mocking, ridiculing tirades as he faults our achievements as well as any critics or opposition for the sake of a laugh, or to bolster his ego. He uses his Office to threaten and create fear while demeaning and degrading any American who opposes his policies and actions. A secure leader, who has noble self-esteem and not false confidence, refrains from showing such dread of critics and displaying a cocky, haughty attitude.

Mostly, his time seems to be spent causing dissension, unrest, and anxiety among the people of America, rather than uniting us (even though he was presented to us as the “Great Uniter”). He creates chaos for the sake of keeping people separated, envious, aggrieved and ready to argue. Under his leadership Americans have been kept on edge, rather than in a state of comfort and security. He incites people to be aggressive toward, and disrespectful of, those of differing opinions. And through such behavior, Obama has lowered the standards for self-control and mature restraint to the level of street-fighting gangs, when he should be raising the bar for people to strive toward becoming more considerate, tolerant, self-disciplined, self-sustaining, and self-assured.

Not a day goes by that he is not attempting to defy our laws, remove our rights, over-ride established procedures, install controversial appointees, enact divisive mandates, and assert a dictatorial form of government.

– Never has there been a leader of this great land who used such tactics to harm and hurt the people and this country.

– Never have we had a President who spoke with a caustic, evil tongue against the citizenry rather than present himself as a soothing, calming and trustworthy force.

– Never, in this country, have we experienced how much stress one man can cause a nation of people – on a daily basis!

Obama has promoted the degeneration of peace, civility, and quality of cooperation between us. He thrives on tearing us down, rather than building us up. He is the Architect of the decline of America, and the epitome of a Demagogue.

� Maureen Scott



September 4, 2014

America is now realizing the mistake made in electing a community organizer to the office of president.Obama underestamated our enemies and offended our allies with his to cool for school attitude as he tried to charm the world by putting Americas tail between her legs like a dog being scholded.Our enemies grew stronger our allies grew distant and the President now displays a look of fear of a man who just realized he and his policies are a total failure. His fear is not that he really cares about America but more so his legacy as well as the fact he may very well cost his fellow democrats any chance of being re-elected. It is clear Obama is not a success as fellow democrats running for office do not request his campaign assistance and his wife Michelle avoids photo ops with him.


July 23, 2014

As America try’s to recover from the welfare mentality of the Obama’s one easy solution to this abuse of the Oval office  , tax payer dollars and national security is to buyout the remaining term of the Obama’s stay in the White House. If America were to offer the Obama’s  five hundred million to leave the country and not return Barrack could do what he really want’s to do which is golf and not work while Michelle can vacation at  HER OWN EXPENSE rather then the expense of the tax payers a win win for all. We could hold presidential elections early and possibly resurrect this country from  the ashes  of the Obama polices.


February 24, 2014

When one absorbs this you then realize the purpose behind the current events taking place .The NSA is locating resistance in order to pin point attacks in this country on those who will resist the Chinese takeover. The attempt to do away with the first amendment is necessary to weaken the resistance.  The  relaxing of the immigration policy is to dilute loyalty to a nation and addict the population to entitlements and government dependency undermining the capitalist doctrine. Obama really has no real love for  America being the son of a communist and born in Kenya while his American mother and grandparents were anti establishment socialist. The climate for treason is alive and well in the White House.  It is gut wrenching when a majority of the American electorate is found in favor of a candidate based on his skin color as opposed to his qualifications. It is also gut wrenching to know that the American voting system is flawed and voter fraud is ramped in the system allowing this tragedy to occur maybe China had a role in the elections?  It is sad to see the work of so many good men destroyed by one socialist idiot who is seeking to revenge his looser parents at the expense of the greatest nation on earth and the liberal left has aided his agenda with no clue of the results their actions will bring. It is not the deceit of Obama that is the threat to America it is the stupidity of those who fail to realize his true intentions.


January 19, 2014

Is it not Ironic that we citizens if found at fault in a traffic
accident which results in the death of someone will be charged with man
slaughter and serve time in jail. But if you are the President of the
United States  or even the Secretary of State and your negligence or
dereliction of your duties results in the death of innocent  Americans
there is no serious consequences. One actually covers it up and is
reelected while the other prepares for running for office? How is that
justice  ?Are we truly not being treated like pawns by and elite class
who consider us expendable to further their own agenda and self
fulfilling prophecy?

The Forgotten Man

January 12, 2014

It is sickening to see what is happening to this country under comandante Obama. He is dismantling years of progress and capitalism with his regressive socialist agenda. He hate’s America but love’s himself and socialism he is as dangerous as Hitler.


October 17, 2013

President Obama was thankful the debt crisis was resolved today as now he can resume his plans for a one hundred million taxpayer-funded vacation to Indonesia and abroad. I hope to be able to take my kids to a motel six with a pool for the weekend . I feel so honored as a member of the middle class to make these sacrifices so the elitist President and his wife can piss on us while spending our tax dollars on numerous vacations.


October 16, 2013

The threat that the U S credit rating may be downgraded if America defaults on debts due to a government shutdown is BS. The fact that America cannot get spending under control is more likely to hurt the credit rating. I think it is time the tax and spend democrats have their feet held to the fire. Do not raise the debt ceiling and if this creates a shutdown so be it enough is enough. We need fiscal accountability and a responsible government spending program.


October 11, 2013


I am a hard-working American citizen who loves this country. I was so proud of this country and our progress during the Reagan Presidency it was a great time to be an American ! When the elder Bush was elected I felt we would continue down the same path of prosperity yet something changed and he seemed to fall asleep at the wheel. There was an arrogance about him and when he went back on his word and raised taxes I could no longer support him so I voted for Perot. We made a statement by voting for Perot but it delivered Clinton to the White House which turned the White House into a Whore House. Next we get baby Bush who seemed to be ok with allowing the democrats to go on an uncontrolled spending spree as long as he could bomb anyone he wanted to. Now we have Obama a former community organizer with little to no actual experience in the private sector. His experience is in public assistance getting goods and services for people at the expense of the tax payers. His campaign was assisted by Acorn know for voter fraud and other crimes . Obama criticized baby Bush for the increase of the national debt he called it unpatriotic yet he himself has added more debt than any other President in the history of the country and is demanding the right to add more. He want’s a blank check with no questions asked ? Who’s money is it his or our’s ? Why can’t we vote on this? The real concern is now the perfect storm as we now have a growing population of people who have been raised on government assistance as the policies of our government have caused an exodus of manufacturing jobs which actually pay a living wage. These people depend on the government to support them and the Politicians such as Obama are dependent on these people to elect them so in short votes are being bought with tax payer dollars. As the numbers of these government dependent people grow taxes must be raised on those who work as well as business increasing the burden on both business and the working class. We now have a large section of the population that is apathetic unskilled and lazy. One solution is to bring business back to the states and reduce the tax burdens on both business and the working class. The problem is if we go too long with people dependent on the government we will never get them off the couch to come to work nor will they have the necessary skills. We clearly have a problem in this country when the American electorate votes for government assistance over private sector jobs as seen in the last Presidential election. We clearly have a problem in this country when a president is too busy to protect the citizens of this country as we seen in Benghazi. Americans died and Obama has their blood on his hands yet he is re-elected? We clearly have a problem when we have spent all the money we borrowed from China and now we need more even though we know we cannot repay the debt? We know we have a problem when our own government supplies weapons to kill our own such as in fast and furious. We know we have a problem we offer benefits to non citizens funded with tax payer dollars for those who have never paid taxes. What we have in America is refered to in economics as diminishing returns do not try to explain this to Obama he has no knowledge in economics or basic leadership. We know we have a problem in this country when veterans cannot visit a WWII memorial yet United States senators (Pelosi) support and allow a protest for illegal aliens on the capital mall. We know we have a problem we the DOD refuses to pay death benefits for or fallen to punish or create hardship so the selfish needs of an immature President can be met so he has his way. This was unacceptable and should be a punishable and impeachable offense. Bottom line is we reap what we sow and that is apathy.

Ted Cruz’s Father Gives Epic Speech

October 5, 2013

Read this and watch the video – WOW!

Obama has no liking for Cruz, the least reason of which is because Cruz is Republican. Here are a few other factors: Cruz is academically superior. Cruz graduated cum laudefrom Princeton. Not the case for Obama. Cruz graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. Not so for Obama. Cruz’s mental prowness has been recognized by Allan Dershowitz (who by all accounts is a bigger liberal than Obama) who said that Cruz is one of the most brilliant legal minds that he has ever seen. His actual quote was that “Cruz was off-the-charts brilliant.” Not so Obama. Cruz clerked for the Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court, Justice William Renquist, one of the most coveted positions for any young lawyer right out of law school. Not so Obama. The liberal tin horns in Washington along with the liberal media try to tout Cruz as some kind of nut.

Perhaps Obama and the other libs don’t like him because he worked on the Florida lawsuit for George W. Bush against Gore. Perhaps it is because Cruz is a Baptist. Perhaps it is because Cruz’s wife worked for Condoleezza Rice in the White House and also as one of those horrible investment bankers in New York. Perhaps it’s because Cruz ran his Senate campaign as a Republican and still garnered 40% of the hispanic vote in Texas. Perhaps its because Cruz is against same-sex “marriage.” For whatever reason, Obama seems jealous of Cruz’s legal successes. What has Obama done in the legal profession? Ans.: community organization in one of the most God forsaken cities in the world. Obama was not a professor at the University of Chicago as many of his supporters dishonestly tout, but was a “guest lecturer,” an enormous difference.

This brief video of Cruz’s father is amazing– it is a must watch. Indeed, every true American should have an opportunity to watch this.

Ted Cruz is a Texas Senator. His Dad may have just established himself as one more reason for Obama to dislike Texas. Please take the time to watch this and to pass