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October 31, 2017

Baseballs world series  is truly refreshing  to watch as there is no drama just truly professional athletes with one exception on the Huston Astros. It is amazing to witness the difference in mentality between the NFL & MLB . I have always been a Football fanatic and never watched much baseball yet with the current protest by the NFL I have stopped watching and have switched to baseball. WOW  I have screwed myself for a long time as baseball is Americas sport as the NFL locks arms with Russia and others who hate America why do we support this anti American organization? I find myself much more relaxed when I do not watch football and all the political bullshit they bring into the game. Did you see the Huston Texans wow what a bunch of losers at least Huston can be proud of the Astros. The NFL can fix the issue of players kneeling during the national anthem by simply invoking the following rules. The first time you kneel during the national anthem it is a 5k fine, the second time it is a 25k fine and two game suspension without pay, the third time is a one year suspension and possible loss of contract/job. The best method in dealing with an asshole is to be one.



October 24, 2017

Democrats are now scrambling to cover their tracks as their house of cards starts to crumble.The Democrats have pushed hard to tie Trump to the Russians yet what was discovered?  The Clintons & The Obama administration are guilty of quid pro quo in the uranium one deal they sold out America in and act of treason by taking bribes from Russia and giving away twenty percent of our uranium reserves to Russia .Where was Robert Muller how much was he paid to turn a blind eye?This democratic machine is a scary scenario as they betray their fellow Americans for financial gain.We the people must press this issue as democrats will try to put a lid on it. We as a country have never experienced government corruption of this magnitude it is sickening as it compromises our national security while lining the pockets of a few greedy pigs.





October 17, 2017

AMERICA suffers from cultural wars & sexual predators many of which stem from the democratic party. BILL CLINTON,JIMMY KIMMEL &HARVEY WEINSTIEN are all one of the same. HOLLYWOOD promotes the sexual abuse of youth as well as women and men struggling  to get an opportunity . The casting couch is real and many democrats and HOLLYWOOD turned a blind eye and let this tragedy destroy the lives of many.Many democratic politicians are beholden to Weinstien due to his campaing contrabutitions and their acceptance of this money is their approval of his behavior.Hillary Clinton is one of the major benafactors of Weinstien donations and she has no intention of returning the money so she is as guilty as he.Democrats have their own casting couch as BillClinton proved in the Whitehouse with Monica Lewenski.  HOLLYWOOD & DEMOCRATS consist of many disgusting pigs who are selfish mindless zombies resulting from drug & alcohol abuse. They despise those of us with different values yet their own lives are often a mess as they live in a delusionary state of mind as reality escapes them as they loose touch with reality under the influence of drugs , alcohol& acting. We must recognize these phony plastic people for who the are and who they are not while never taking them seriously as they are merely actors reading scripts and rarely have thoughts of their own.


October 1, 2017

Both men have little respect for flag & country while Obama almost destroyed America .Goodell has successfully destroyed a favorite American past time the NFL. Both men are misguided and have their head up their ass as they fail to understand the importance of our flag and what it stands for. It is the ignorance of these two men that have increased the violence in this country as they pit Americans against each other and the very democracy that holds us together as one nation under god.


September 27, 2017

Roger Goodell has proven himself incompetent as he approves of NFL players disrespecting our flag, military & all of the lives lost prior to 1776 to currently fighting for American freedom. As a fellow football player and a patriotic American I appreciate the life I have in America and I am proud to be an American. Those of you who are not proud have the right to leave and you should maybe China, North Korea or Iran will treat you better but do not expect special treatment or privileges because you are butt hurt put your big boy pants on and get over it. In the NFL you are making great money way more than justified as actually you produce very little in terms of a tangible product. I propose setting a cap on pro sports of 25.00 per hour and you can eat some humble pie you arrogant assholes as you have no idea how good you have it and we as your fans should not have to put up with your whining asses as we make far less and pay your salary. I will promote boycotting any event that supports the kneeling during our national anthem do not take out you aggression on those who made you free.




September 25, 2017
During a recent press conference, a reporter with MSNBC hollered from the press corps, “Where is President Trump hiding his tax returns?”
Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, astutely responded, “We’ve found a very secure
place and I’m certain they won’t be found.”

“And just where is that?”, said the reporter, sarcastically.

Mrs. Sanders grinned sardonically and said, “They are underneath Obama’s
college records, his passport application, his immigration status as a
student, his funding sources to pay for college, his college records, and
his Selective Service registration.

“Next question?”



September 18, 2017

Americans  are astonished as fellow republicans fail to cooperate with President Trump. The three stooges MC CAIN,RYAN & MCCONEL have turned the Republican party into a joke. The party and the country cannot advance until these idiots are out of the way.

America has a say in sanctuary cities

September 2, 2017

American citizens have a voice and a say in sanctuary cities. If you do not approve of the policy of sanctuary cities you can voice your opinion  by boycotting all goods and services from that city or state. Examples would be do not shop or stay in San Francisco nor would you buy Anchor steam beer or any product made in San Francisco you need to boycott cities and states that break federal law . One could boycott the state of Washington as well by not purchasing beer like Long Hammer as well as any other beer or products from this state and other states that support breaking federal immigration law.


July 29, 2017

President needs Trump needs to stop attacking stop attacking Jeff Sessions and start attacking the real enemy idiot  Chuck Schumer. President Trump appears to be distracted attacking your allies and giving your enemies a pass is not wise…


July 23, 2017

The citizens of this country elected Trump because they are sick & tired of big government and the policies of the Obama administration. If the people wanted more of the same they would have elected Hillary. Trump and Republican candidates ran on repealing and replacing Obama care and yet when the opportunity is before them they choke. The Republican party has talked tough but is really becoming a party in disarray much like the Democrats it is if they do not know what or how to deal with their new power. They squabble like a group of junior high girls arguing over who is going to the dance and what they will wear. It is almost as if the Republican party is more concerned with their own interest such as their government pay check and benefits as opposed to risking anything to advance the country. The Republican party is now the party dependent on entitlements for personal gain and have sold out The President as Well as America. I am so ashamed of this party and the incompetent behavior they have displayed. Don’t get me wrong Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are a bunch of lame ass do nothing scoundrels who who would allow the Mexican flag to fly over the White House for the right amount of money. The democrats continued embargo on Trump and his polices have only been strengthened by the inability of the Republican party to get their shit together and do what the people elected them to do. If this country is going to grow strong again the Republican party must unit and follow their leader President Trump and undo all of the Obama policies that have compromised our economy and national security. It is time for Republicans to get over themselves and repeal & replace Obama care, pass tax reform & rebuild our military. If you fail you will not be given a second chance. Hope you are listening Rand Paul & Ted Cruz  figure it out and get it done.